Myrtle Beach Parking Wars

To see a map of the Golden Mile where parking fees are in effect click on the link;e=true
Infographic created by: Sharon Tutrone
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To see a map where the Pavilion Parking Garage is located click on the link:;e=true                                                                                      Courtesy:
Infographic created by: Sharon Tutrone                                                                                       Software used: Animaps


Temperatures aren’t the only thing heating up in Myrtle Beach. Tempers are flaring over a move made by the Myrtle Beach City Council that will affect everyone who visits or lives near the beach.

A parking ordinance now in effect means anyone who parks in a beach access spot from 31st Avenue North to 82nd Avenue North, also known as the Golden Mile, will have to pay $2 an hour “or $10 a day.” Parking in the beachfront lots will remain free for handicapped drivers and disabled veterans.

Parking used to be free, but according to, the new parking fees were put into place because beach-goers parked on both sides of Ocean Boulevard, which officials say created problems for traffic and pedestrian safety.

Fines will be given to anyone who violates the new rules and some cars could even be towed. To make the process easier, drivers can pay the parking cost on their cell phones through the Parkmobile system.

Another option for those visiting the Grand Strand is to buy a $30 week-long parking pass from Lanier Parking. That pass allows you to park at the Pavilion Parking Garage near the Skywheel.

It’s not just the tourists who are being affected by the new parking rules, though. Residents are finding themselves in the crosshairs. Those who live along Ocean Boulevard will be allowed to park on those roads if they have a parking decal. Residents’ guests will also need to have a guest placard hanging in their cars in order to park in the area for free.

Living in a beach community, some residents use golf carts to get around. The City of Myrtle Beach also took notice of that and made several changes to the Code of City Ordinances, so now residents will have to get their golf carts registered.

Not everyone is happy with the new rules. Efforts are underway to stop the parking ordinance in its tracks.

Make Myrtle Beach, Free, Clean and Safe is an advocacy group that is working to convince city officials to reduce the cost of parking in the Golden Mile. According to the group’s Facebook page, it is encouraging residents to go to the city council meetings and speak during the public forum.

Those against the ordinance are also going online to obtain support. A petition has been started through

Another controversy over the fees started to brew when officials announced the parking fees will be used for beach renourishment. Horry County officials questioned whether that violated the city’s contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers that prohibits taxpayer dollars from being spent on sand renourishment projects.

Sean McBride with The US Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston district, said that the government reviewed the parking rules and determined they do not violate the agreement in place for beach nourishment.

The parking fees remain in effect until October 31st.




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